Forehead Thermometers

tempirGet trendy and start using overhead thermometers, gone are the days for traditional mercury based thermometers

If you have high temperature then it indicates that you are ill. However, high temperature itself is not any disease but it might be the natural reaction of your body’s immune system, which fights against diseases. Many times we are not able to judge whether the high temperature of a person is really an indication of his/her illness. Thus, it becomes very important to measure correct temperature. Since it does not spoil your mood or disturbs you anyway, it is best suited to young blood, which gets irritated easily. It just glides over your forehead and within few seconds, you get the accurate temperature.

It is electronic and can work on an ordinary IV battery. The temporal artery found in your forehead shoots up the temperature and the tool, which is very sensitive to heat, and deviation greatly detects the heat. So take care if you are fluctuating the temperature quickly as it may affect its accuracy. A small beep sound is produced which shows that the reading is accurate. It is safe to use on a sleeping baby as well as those people who have ear infection/ oral infections etc.

It is very easy and comfortable to use it, which makes it very user friendly. It can be used by anyone be it a doctor, nurse, parents, sportsperson, or even a nonprofessional.


  • Easy, comfortable & gentle to use
  • Accuracy with never seen before speed
  • Safe & secure can be used on adults, children& infants equally well
  • User friendly with a product guide that even a laymen can understand
  • Non-intrusive, does not spoil your mood nor disturbs you
  • Hygienic & healthy, no problems
  • Digital display with smart looks, technologically advance

How to use?

Well, it is quite simple. The temperature gauge is simple placed against the forehead, button is present, and then the response from the indicator is awaited. Within no time, an accurate temperature is displayed by it. This simplicity makes sure that all the users remain ate ease and the thermometer will not become too invasive.

Why doctors recommend it now a day

Through the temperature obtained rectally is considered to be the most accurate but now doctors have abounded the practice as they found it being far more intrusive for people especially for a child. Furthermore, it may harm the child if not used properly.

Now the forehead thermometer being quick, comfortable and accurate are replacing the traditional ones very fast while trying to measure the temperature, it does not make the sick more comfortable i.e. it is not intrusive. At last when everything is going trendy now a days, so why not the thermometer.

You can see some popular products in below comparison table:

Top 5 Best Forehead Thermometers

**Thermometers which has more than 100 customers reviews.
RankNameProductRatingRead moreSee Prices
1-iProvèn DMT-489 Medical Ear Thermometer 93Iproven Forehead Thermometer DMT-489 ReviewRead More
2-Innovo forehead and ear thermometerinnovo thermometer92Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer ReviewRead More
3-Braun Forehead Thermometer92Braun Forehead Thermometer FHT1000 ReviewRead More
4-Tempir Body Temperature Thermometertempir92Tempir Body Temperature Thermometer ReviewRead More
5-Easy@Homeeasyathome91Easy@Home Thermometer ReviewRead More

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