Iproven BPM-2244 BT Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Overview :    

iProven BPM-2244BT upper arm Blood Pressure Monitor features blood pressure measurement, pulse rate measurement and the memory function of the measurement results for two users.

The device is also equipped with Bluetooth. The iProven Health app will help you get even more insight in your measurement results.

The BPM 2244 Blood pressure monitor is equiped with an BP Level Indicator wich compares your blood pressure level with the normal home blood pressure levels according to the American Hearth Association. 

Detect irregular heartbeat while your blood pressure is being measured.

Revolutionary Fast Blood Pressure Measurement ( avg. 30 -40 seconds ) and still unmatched accurate readings.

At a Glance
User Rating :  
Category : Blood Pressure Monitor
Model : BPM-2244 BT
Size :  
Weight : 1.7 pounds
Batteries : 4AA
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Features :
  • Double Pulse Detection Algorithm (DPDA) – This unique technology manages the blood pressure signals twice which is proven to result in higher accuracy while measuring only once.
  • Measuring During Inflation method (MDI), also known as Oscillographic measurement mode – This method leads to fast measurements of 30-40 seconds only.
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection (IHD) – If your heartbeat is irregular, the easy to read backlit screen will tell you.
  • Colored AHA indication – This visually compares your reading with the American Heart Association indication levels. 
  • Shock Detection – Movement during measurement will lead to inaccurate readings. This blood pressure machine will tell you exactly if you moved too much.
  • Large Cuff 9”-17” and Extra long Cuff Tube (31”) 
  • Bluetooth Equipped and Free Mobile App available for IOS and Android 
  • 120 reading data storage (60 for each user) and unlimited storage in mobile app.
  • Two user mode.
Pros :
  • Fast, easy to read large screen. Has 2 user profiles to keep track of 2 separate people and their specific readings.
Cons :
  •  There is no app for android phones.
Final Rating :     96


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