IProven DMT-316 Thermometer Question & Answers

  • Are “disposable lens covers” available for the ear probe on the iproven dmt-316?

DMT-316 currently does not support any lens covers as these affect the accuracy of the readings. Disinfection is done by cleaning the lens with a cotton ball moist with Isopropyl alcohol before and after use.

  • Do you have to swipe it across the forehead or can you just touch it to the middle of the forehead for a reading?

Yes, you need to swipe it across the forehead. Aim the sensor at the temple and start holding the button; Then, move the sensor across the forehead to the other temple and release the button as soon as the sensor is at the other temple.

  • Can I switch between Fehrenheit and Celsius?

Yes it can. Provided instructions explain how to switch measurements.

  • Does this thermometer have a silent mode?

This thermometer does not have a silent mode. It will beep every time you take a measurement.

  • Is the DMT-489 a newer version of this?

The DMT316 is newer than the DMT489. There’s really no difference between the two in terms of accuracy and calibration. Their only difference is the design. DMT316 is a bit larger than the DMT489.

  • Does it store readings?

Yes, this thermometer has a memory function and it can store 20 readings.

  • What’s the difference between DMT-316 and TMT-215 besides mute mode?

DMT-316 is a dual-mode thermometer (ear and forehead) while the TMT-215 is triple mode. You can use it for ear, forehead and object measurement. Object measurement is used for checking the ambient temperature or the temperature of a feeding bottle of a baby, for example. This is the other main difference of TMT-215.

Iproven DMT-316 thermometer review




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