Iproven DT-K117A Digital Thermometer Review

Iproven DT-K117A Digital Thermometer

 At a Glance Overview :

User Rating :
Brand :  Iproven
Model : DT-K117A
Category : Oral, underarm, or rectal use
Batteries : LR 41
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  • This iProven digital thermometer is clinically tested and proven to be 100% accurate. The old mercury thermometers are no longer legal to sell, while the analog thermometers that are still sold are incredibly flimsy and easy to break.  iProvèn has developed the DTK-117A digital thermometer with lots of care.
  • Highly reliable and durable fast thermometer that show your accurate body temperature in 20 seconds
  • This is an all-around device for rectal measurement, oral measurement and Axillary measurement in the armpit. Comes with transparent protective case.
  • Medical and clinically proven thermometer for accurate fever detection.
  • Frustration free – With the flexible tip and waterproof design, it is both easy and comfortable to use and clean. Reads both C and F. Easy to switch by the press of the only 1 button.
Features :
  • Quick, it measures the temperature in less than 20 seconds.
  • Reliable, due to the testing performed, the quality is guaranteed
  • Water Resistant
  • Flexible tip for the highest comfort possible
  • Reads both C and F and can be switched easily.
Pros : 
  • The rubber coated tip area feels very comfortable in your mouth.
  • The thermometer is really great for the price.
Cons : 
  • It’s not backlit, hard to read when it’s darker.
  • It does beep when it’s done, but it’s so low you can hardly hear it.
Final Rating :     87


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