Lavatools Javelin PRO Question & Answers


  • How long is the probe that goes into the meat?

The probe is about 4.25″ long.

  • Does Lavatools Javelin PRO have an auto-off feature?

Yes, if you leave it out for awhile, it automatically shuts off.  As soon as you put the probe back into the unit it automaticly shuts off.

  • Can you turn the backlight on and off by yourself or is it connected to a timer and goes off automatically.

The white circle to the right of the lcd display turns the back light on and it turns back off automatically after 5 or 10 seconds

Splashproof, not waterproof. Don’t submerge the electric unit in water but to wipe clean.

  • Does the reading rotate?

No, the display is fixed. If you have the Lavatools Javelin PRO DUO Pro then yes it auto rotates

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