Lavatools Javelin Pro Thermometer Review

Overview :    
  • Lavatools specializes in creating the best food thermometers in the world. Successful cooking revolves around getting the temperature just right. Temperature means flavor, color, and texture; it retains nutrition and keeps things juicy.
  • The Lavatools Javelin Pro is a professional food thermometer. This larger, top-of-the-line instrument has a 4.25″ probe that extends to a total length of 10.5″, thus keeping your hands away from the heat when cooking at the grill or in the oven.
  • The Javelin Pro maintains an outwardly simple appearance, but under the hood is an intelligent software that lets you know when the temperature has stabilized via an audible chime and then holds it.
  • It’s also features a large antifogging 2″ backlit display for when you find yourself cooking in the dark as well as MIN/MAX functions and a powersaver to keep this instant-read running longer.
   At a Glance
User Rating :  
Category : Instant Read
Model : Javelin Pro
Response time: 3 seconds
Measuring range: -40°F ~ 482°F / -40°C ~ 250°C
Batteries : 1x CR2032
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Features :
  • Antifogging coating keeps the display crystal clear even when temping boiling liquids.
  • Magnetic backing allows you to attach it to your oven or refrigerator for convenient storage.
  • Turn on Power Saver to disable the backlight and other battery-sapping features.
  • Limited 3-year warranty.
  • Both Fahrenheit and Celsius modes are available.
  • Splash Resistant, rated IP65,  the Lavatools Javelin Pro can withstand splashes of water during cleanup.
Pros :
  • Very fast and accurate.
  • Solid construction.
  • The backlight helps a lot when you are barbecuing at night.
Cons : 
  • Magnet a bit weak.
Final Rating :     98

  Useful information about Lavatools Javelin Pro Thermometer STABILIZATION ALERT

Insert the probe into your food and hold the (06) icon. The word HOLD will start blinking and after a few seconds, a double chime will sound when the temperature has stabilized. The stabilized temperature remain on the display as long as you are holding the icon. Release your finger to return to normal.


Double tap the (06) icon to display the maximum temperature for current session. Tap again for the minimum temperature. To exit, tap again. Hold the icon during MAX/MIN to clear values.


Hold the Lavatools Javelin Pro (03) icon to enable power saving mode. This will disable the backlight and reduce power consumption. Press and hold the icon again to exit this feature.


When the display shows “ERROR” and the icon, it’s time to switch out your battery. Fully retract the probe and twist open the battery door with a coin. Carefully remove existing battery and insert a new CR2032 with the positive (+) pole up.


If left on and idle for more than 60 minutes, the Javelin PRO will automatically go to sleep. Simply tap the touch pad to wake the device.

Antifog Display

The display is coated in a hydrophobic agent to keep the readout fog-free even when measuring steaming liquids. For this reason, they do not recommend scouring cleaning products as it will strip the coating.

Magnetic Backing

The Lavatools Javelin PRO has a built-in magnetic backing to allow for convenient storage. Magnetic backing may not work on stainless steel surfaces.

Tapered Sensor

Tip The ultra-sensitive thermistor sensor is located at the tip of the probe, requiring a minimum insertion distance of 0.25” (5mm).


Personalize your Javelin PRO using switches found inside the battery bay. You can disable and re-enable various functions by toggling their respective switches. You must turn o the device to have these changes apply.

1-Toggle C°/ F°

2-Toggle auto-off

3-Toggle stabilization alert


To check the accuracy of your Javelin PRO, we recommend using an ice bath test. To create an iced bath, fully pack a large cup with crushed ice. Next, fill 3/4 of the cup with purified water. Let the slurry sit for a brief moment and give it a quick stir to allow the temperature to equalize throughout. Insert the tip of the probe into the very center of the cup and stir gently. In 3 to 4 seconds, the display will read within 1°F (0.5°C) of 32°F (0°C).



Retract and extend probe or change battery.


Ensure battery saving mode is disabled.


Battery is running low, change batteries.


Use switch 1 to switch between C°/ F°.


Tap on touch pad to wake device.


Turn off Lavatools javelin pro and position all personalization switches downwards.


Make sure to hold the touch pad long enough.


Use switch 3 to activate stabilization alert.


• Never leave the device in the oven. • Never place probe directly over fire. • Never immerse the device in liquid for any period of time. • Do not subject the device to extreme temperature, vibration, or shock.

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