Omron Blood Pressure Monitors Comparison Chart

 3 series5 series7 series10 series10 series
(Bluetooth smart)
Model noBP710NBP742NBP760NBP785NBP786
Advanced Accuracy
Multi-Colored BP Level Indicator Lights
Cuff TypeWide-Range D-Ring (9 to 17 inches)Wide-Range D-Ring (9 to 17 inches)Easy-Wrap ComFit (9 to 17 inches)Easy-Wrap ComFit (9 to 17 inches)Easy-Wrap ComFit (9 to 17 inches)
2 User Mode
Memory Storage14100120200200
Wireless/ Bluetooth
Irregular Heartbeat Detector
BP Level Bar
Advanced Averaging
AC Adapter/ Battery Type4 AA Not Included4 AA Included4 AA IncludedAC Adapter Included / 4 AA Not IncludedAC Adapter Included / 4 AA Not Included
Final User Rating9495949594

Advanced Accuracy:
Advanced accuracy helps ensure consistent, precise readings

Two User Mode:
Allows two different users to monitor and track their readings separately in the stored memory.

Irregular Heartbeat Detector:
Detects irregular heartbeats while your blood pressure is being measured. If an irregular heartbeat is detected, an indicator icon will appear, alerting you so you can consult with your medical professional.

BP Level Indicator:
Shows how your reading compares to internationally recognized guidelines for normal home blood pressure levels.

Advanced Averaging:
With a touch of a button you can review an eight week history of your weekly morning and evening blood pressure averages.


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