Palermo Digital Meat Thermometer DTH-81 Review

Overview :    
Palermo Brand is a family owned and operated business. From the sourcing of products to the customer service the Palermo Family provide quality home goods at affordable prices for the everyday consumer. Palermo instant read thermometer can be used for BBQ, liquid, food & candy temperature measuring; perfect for kitchen and outdoor cooking. This thermometer is fairly fast, although a bit slower than the ThermoPen (which costs around $100). Internal collapsible folding tapered probe with auto on and off. you can choose Celsius or Fahrenheit. Temperature is easy to read and the storage of the probe makes the thermometer very compact. The probe is thin and inserts easily into meat. Best seller rank : #4 in meat thermometers.      At a Glance
User Rating :  
Category : Instant Read
Model : DTH-81
Size :
Weight : 3.2 ounces
Batteries :  1 AAA
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Features :
  • 4 second response time.
  • Large instant readeble record previous temprature.
  • -40°F to 482°F(40°C to 250°C)
  • C/F Mode.
  • Can be utilized for BBQ, liquid, food & candy temperature measuring.
Pros :
  • Fast, accurate and affordable.
  • Easy to read
  • 90 degree reading position is nice. it saves your hand from being an extra menu item
Cons : 
  • Default mode is Celsius. To get in Farenheit you must turn on and push buttons, (If you use the on off button before you close it will stay on the setting you want.)
  • It is fairly difficult to open the probe.
Final Rating :     96

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