Tempir Dual Mode Thermometers Question & Answers

How do you change the setting from Celsius to Fahrenheit?
Hold down the button that you use to check the ear temp. Hold it down and it will show a blinking C and then you click it again and it changes to F.

Does the screen light up so that I can read it in the dark?
Yes, it has a bright back-light that ensures you get a clear reading night.

What type of battery does it use?
The thermometer uses 2-AAA batteries.

Can this thermometer also be used to scan water temperature and room temperature?
No it cannot. It only measures ear and forehead.
TempIR non-contact thermometer that does have the ability to measure body surface and room.
Is there an option to turn off the beeping sound, so as to be noiseless if child is sleeping?
No, but the beep doesn’t sound loud and won’t bother the child.

Do I need to purchase ear probe covers?
It does not come with probe covers. The blue cap snaps on for temporal use and off for use in ear.

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