Vicks V977 Forehead Thermometer Review

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Category : Forehead
Model : V977
 vicks v977 forehead
Size : 25.8 x 5.8 x 7.9″
Weight 6.4 ounces
Batteries : 2 AA
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  •  Measuring the temperature of the body is no more a cumbersome task with this digitalized & non- invasive Vicks V977 forehead thermometer. It gives reading within 3 seconds just by a simple touch of a forehead. It does not irritate someone or spoil one’s mood, as you do not love to insert thermometer in any part of the body unlike rectal and oral type thermometer. 
Features :
  •  Non- invasive:-it does not spoil one’s mood, irritate anybody especially the babies who are very sensitive to the worldly things and might catch any infection if the thermometer is inserted in any of the sensitive part.
  • Memory tracker:- it can retain up to last 12 readings so that you could keep a  watch over your fever and act accordingly.
  • The Vicks temporal thermometer gives accurate, quick readings with just a sweep within the brow. The Comfort Touch suggestion provides a mild, non-invasive tracking approach for sleeping infants through to older members of the household perfect. The large easy-to-read screen uses Fever Insight technology to enable you to understand your kid’s fever status at a glance – Red (high fever), Yellow (for mild fever) and Green (for ordinary temperature).
Pros :   
  •  simply touch the sensor head to the forehead and gently slide it over a few inches to the side of the forehead where the temporal artery is. And you get your reading.
Cons :   
  • Not that user friendly for a nonprofessional person
  • Vicks thermometer battery door may be loose
  • Cannot withstand temperature fluctuations and hence can be inaccurate if you repeatedly take it to fluctuating temperature zones.
Final Rating :     82


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  Useful information about Vicks Forehead Thermometer

Never immerse the Forehead Thermometer into water or other liquids (not waterproof).

How to use Vicks V977 thermometer? Place scanner in the center of the forehead. Press and release power button and scan forehead slowly from the center of the forehead to the temple and wait for confirmation beep.

Repeat measurement if necessary – wait for flashing °F.
To avoid an inaccurate measurement, note the following:
• Patients should stay in steady – state room condition for at least 30 minutes.
• Don’t remove the measurement device from the measuring area before hearing the
final beep.
• Don’t take a measurement while or immediately after nursing a baby.
• Don’t use the forehead thermometer in high humidity environments.
• Patients should not drink, eat, or be physically active before/while taking the measurement.
• Before placing the thermometer sensor onto the measurement area, remove dirt, hair,
or sweat.
• Use an alcohol swab to carefully clean the sensor and wait for 5 minutes before taking a
measurement on another patient.
• Always take the temperature in the same location, since the temperature readings may
vary from different locations
A child’s normal temperature can be as high as 99.9°F or as low as 97.0°F. Re-measure with a standard digital thermometer for confirmation, especially on infants (It is recommended use a digital thermometer rectally on infants and on sleeping infants if there is a question about the measurement. Be sure to note this unit reads 1°F lower than a rectal digital measurement)

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